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YWAM Transform


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Our house is a big place on a calm street nearby a huge park and all kinds of cafés, restaurants and shops. We’re so happy that it has a cozy garden, looking forward to having a lot of BBQ here!

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You’re always welcome to

come by!

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Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and very influential in the world. It’s a big city with around 2 million people but it feels kind of small and cosy with old historic buildings and water all over. From our house it’s walking distance to the royal palace, the parliament and the head quarters of global companies. This is something we are passionate about: the see Gods principles influence in all areas of society.

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Welcome to Stockholm

Ever since we started YWAM Transform we knew that God was calling us to be involved in Stockholm and possibly also start a new base there. After some years of investing, going and praying we felt that it was time to take steps to start up and in spring 2021 God opened up a great house in central Stockholm! He did it again! In September 2022 we will have the first DTS based in Stockholm, which we are really excited for!


House Worship

Every Wednesday at 6.30 pm we have open meetings with worship, teaching and fellowship. You are more than welcome to these evenings!

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