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We believe that the Bible is Gods Word and that it has the power to transform peoples lives. We want to be a part of spreading the Bible to all languages and peoples and also to people in our own back yard. 


One expression of this is what we call Bible to all. Simply put, we give out free Bibles to all homes in a community. So far we’ve done it mostly in Scandinavia but we’ve also been involved in other places, such as for example Mongolia, and Switzerland.

We have a big passion for Sweden and we want to work towards the vision of having a Bible in every home in the nation!


The method is very simple: we go in pairs and visit every home and offer a free Bible. Sometimes that leads to a longer conversation, prayer and even being invited for coffee! We have seen how this is such a great way to meet people where they are and give them the best gift: Gods Word.


Check out for more info on upcoming outreaches.


ARjeplog 2022:

In May 2022 we gave out Bibles to all homes in Arjeplog municipality in the north of Sweden! 

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