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Upcoming ALTY:

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Next ALTY Begins:
August 7 2024
Ends: June 30 2025



Staff fee: 4500 sek/Month

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Linköping + Stockholm Sweden
Somewhere else in the world

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Welcome to our 1 year Leadership Training program! During this time you will learn to live and love as a leader; a servant, apostolic leader. You will get a lot of teaching and inspiration, but also a lot of chances to serve and learn by doing. You will not be the same after this year! This program is also our introduction to our new staff and whether you’ll continue to serve with us or not we want to equip you for the calling that God has for you. Your life is meant to make a difference!

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We choose to use the word apostolic as we

looked for a name for this new training program.

To us, apostolic embraces two key parts. One is the anointing of pioneering and taking initiatives that lead to change and the Kingdom of God advances. That could be starting a new church, but it could also be to mobilize people to missions. Or starting a podcast. Or something else. This part has to do a lot with the gifts and dreams God has given us, but also our sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit;

what is He saying to us now?


The Idea


Believing in the impossible. 



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It's about serving

At a famous Swedish company, IKEA, they have learnt this. Most of their future managers start their careers on the floor and then work their way up. In that way they will never lack understanding of the dynamics in different areas. We think in the same way. During the year you will get many opportunities to serve. You will also get opportunities to lead (and serve in that way!) in different capacities.

As a leader in the Kingdom of God it´s upside down: the leaders are the servants. As we are trained to be leaders we need to start from a place of serving. From that place we can better understand people and identify with them. This is what Jesus modelled! Serving is a great way of blessing others and we are blessed at the same time as we get to see God work in others while He is working on us!



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This leadership training is based on learning-by-doing. As a trainee you will be apart of the staff team at YWAM Transform at the same time as you receive teaching and coaching. Once a week the trainee group will meet for teaching and processing with the leaders of the base. We learn a lot from processing together! Sometimes there will also be guest speakers.

A key part of the training will be that you will be staff in one of the DTS´ here, either the one starting in September or the one starting in January.

The semester when you are not part of staffing DTS you will take other responsibilities and serve in the community. You will stand together with the base leadership in different events and ministries. Our hope is that you will get a taste of our vision and that you will see your part in it.

During the year we will also be working with a couple of books:

  • ”Towards an Apostolic or Institutional Vision” by Alejandro Rodriguez.

  • ”How to Build a Winning Team, Serving God Together” by Mats-Ola Ishoel.

Program Design

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Dates: August 2024 -  June 2025
Where: Partly in Linköping and partly in Stockholm, and somewhere in the world!
Cost: 4500 SEK/month for food and housing and the training. Outreaches and events are not included.
Housing: During the program you will share room with other staff, trainees and students in our community.
Prerequisite: You need to have finished a DTS successfully.

Application: Application is open until July 15th 2023. 

Language: Most of the program will be in English. As a foreigner you will also have Swedish classes and you’re encouraged to learn as much Swedish as possible.

Do you want to know more?
Contact us on

Important info

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After having finished the year you are more than welcome to continue in our staff team at YWAM Transform. We are in a constant growth and development phase and there’s room for more!
If you’re not joining our team you’ll go on to continue in your calling from another platform. We are committed to do our best to prepare you for that.

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