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Young Missions with YWAM Transform is an opportunity for youth groups to come out and test missions with good preparations and frameworks for the trip. The purpose is to discover the power of the gospel and how important it is for us as Christians to reach this world with the good news about Jesus. In addition, a trip like this often acts as a catalyst to strengthen discipleship and fellowship among the youths. 


When the congregation has decided to carry out a trip together with YWAM Transform, we agree on what the preparations and the execution should look like. Usually it is about:

  • One or more visits to the youth group to teach and inspire for mission. Information about the trip itself is also provided.

  • 2 days Boot camp at the base in Linköping Friday-Saturday the first weekend of the autumn holidays.

  • 5-6 days trip to any country in Europe to work together with a church and/or Christian organization.

  • On the Sunday after the trip, the youth will talk about the trip at the congregation's service.

  • We visit the youth group a few weeks after the trip to talk about how it was, what they learned, etc.



When it comes to finances and registration and the like, it is best that the congregation takes main responsibility. This is to keep it as close to the young people as possible.

In consultation with us, we arrive at a budget and price per person.

For Boot camp in Linköping and an administrative fee, YWAM Transform will invoice the church in connection with the trip.







It is best if youth leaders take the greatest responsibility for leading the group during the journey. Our coworkers are also involved and lead when needed, provide information, etc.

Together, we are responsible for the young people's well-being during the journey. The congregation is ultimately responsible.

2 coworkers from YWAM Transform are included as assistant leaders and support during the trip.


By the 30th of November, the congregation and YWAM need to agree on a trip for next year's autumn holiday.

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