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Anders & Sara are the leaders of the base and they have 4 kids; Benjamin, Felicia, Elli, and Josef.

Anders is full of energy and life and is not afraid to work hard to see new things being born in the Kingdom and people being trained and released into what God has for them.  He is a great communicator and networker.

 Sara loves spending time with her children, both biological and spiritual, seeing people fall in love with Jesus and encourages to look deeper than what we can see with our physical eyes. She also reminds us all to also just enjoy life. Together they make a great team!

Benjamin loves Jesus, people and sports and could probably have a conversation with anyone, Felicia likes dance, people and shows us all an example in perseverance, Elli loves horses, arranging games and competitions and is loving and honest, Josef is strong and kind, loves sharing what he is learning and is generous with expressing his love for people. 



Asseged, or Effi, is from Ethiopia. He has a big heart for the Bible, for preaching and listening to people. He works with DTS, administration and is also on the base leadership team. Effi is definitely the biggest quote machine on base, and spreads joy wherever he goes. Ask him why he has two names for a good story! 



Marthina is from Finland. She wants to see people encounter God deeply and use the gifts God has given them to glorify Him and expand the Kingdom. She works with DTS, communication and on the base leadership team. She is the one choosing movies for base movie nights and making sure everyone feels , included and at home. 



Martin is from Katrineholm in Sweden. He is the one to talk to when you want to book tickets for outreach, need to know how the base finances are going or if you need a lesson in Swedish history. He has been connected to the base for many years and will also be able to share statistics in a beautiful graph over what countries we have been to and had students from over the years. Martin is the head of administration on base. 



Zac is from Minnesota, USA. He enjoys coffee, music, cooking, fishing and having conversations about anything from how to make your own cheese to WW2 history. On base you usually find him in the kitchen, hanging out in the sofas or playing chess with a friend. Zac is great at creating a sense of community and making people feel welcomed! 



Jakob is from Skillingeryd in Sweden. He loves people and wants to see them live at their fullest potential. Don't be surprised if you find him in a deep conversation with someone he met 5 minutes ago. He will be the one that keeps you updated on the latest Marvel movies and the one to talk to about your computer problems. If you want to make him happy, invite him for a kebab!



Aniek from The Netherlands! She loves prayer, listens well, is a quick learner and loves doing things with her hands. Aniek is your friend when you need to organise something, anything from a big kids camp to finding beds for everyone when there is a big event. Her laughter is contagious and she is generous in sharing joy and wisdom with the people around her! 



Damaris is from Switzerland. She loves cheese, encouraging her friends or a stranger on the streets and dreams about seeing whole stadiums worshipping Jesus. She is a hard worker and a good listener and often takes the time to ask people how they are doing. She is adventurous and always up for a challenge! 



Lonit is from Belgium. She is  bubbly, colourful, caring and committed. She is very hospitable and will greet you at the door with a big smile and a hug and make sure you feel welcomed. She has a heart for the lost and the hurting and wants everyone to encounter the love of God and experience life transformation. 



Lukas grew up in USA but is also a Swedish citizen. He has a big passion for sports and people, especially youth. He is good at asking the right questions and connects easily with people around him, making him a great discipler and evangelist. He has an eye for fashion and design, and will be the one noticing nice shoes and cars when you walk down the street. 



Javidavish, Javi, or JJ. A dear child has many names. He is from Venezuela but has lived many years in Spain. He loves music and is a part of the worship team on base. Javi also enjoys cooking and seeing people gather around a nice meal. He is great at seeing people around him and easily finds a way to bring encouragement and joy. And speaking of joy, when Javi starts laughing everyone will join him.   



Josefine comes from Arjeplog in the north of Sweden. She is enthusiastic, creative and full of ideas. She likes plants, painting, coffee and talking. She loves seeking what God is doing at the moment, in situations and lives of people and will be quick to speak truth, encourage and pray for you. 



Nathalie is from Edsbyn in Sweden. She is great at enjoying life and making every place she goes feel like home for everyone. She wants to see people, especially youth with problems with mental health, meet Jesus and start living fully for Him. She loves taking care of the house and will for sure inspire you to recycle or tell you the latest recipe for her homemade cleaning products. 



Eline is from the Netherlands. She is full of joy and energy and has an ability to make things beautiful, through painting, organising and decorating. Being a social worker she also loves seeing people take steps in their lives and walks with

God and is always ready to listen, encourage and comfort. She loves people of all ages, from little kids to the elderly. 



Efraim is from Linköping. He is radical, longs to see people encounter God and is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone to see that happen. 

He is observant, hard -working and one of the funniest people you will meet. Efraim is also your guy if you need someone to start a dance party! 



Matheus is our Brazilian staff that joined after his DTS outreach in Scandinavia. He is dedicated, a good friend and a great listener. He goes after God's heart and purposes for nations and people, but is also diligent with seeking Him for his own life. He loves the Bible and spends a lot of time studying and learning more about the the word of God. 



Mirja is from Finland, but has also lived many years in Argentina. She is a dancer and a seamstress, and loves using these gifts for the Kingdom. She is easy to connect with, serves faithfully and has a big heart for hospitality and receiving people well.  You will always have a good laugh talking with Mirja and hearing her stories. 



Allison is Costa Rican. She is creative, kind hearted and wise, good at reading people and understanding how they function. She has a lot of gifting in arts and music, and dreams about using the arts to reach especially children that have gone through difficulties. She wants everyone to feel seen and loved. 



Sander is from the Netherlands. He is adventurous, loves working with his hands and learning new things that he then can teach others. He loves reading and talking about The Bible.  He is usually the one initiating group activities like sports or games, creating space for people to enjoy time together. 

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